Saturday, 6 January 2018

Celebrating Degol Stul

 Celebrating Degol Stul (Twelf Night):

In preparation for our Degol Stul procession we made visours (masks).

My mask was made from du (black) foam along with melyn (yellow) and rudhvelyn (orange, pronounced 'ruth vellin') felt and lots of sparkle to represent the fire in the heart of Degol Stul.

This is a klopen (skull) mask.

We're ready for the tan (fire) and delit (fun).

Now for a little kan (song)...

before we rush out into the yeyn (cold) for some gwariow (games).

Towards the end of this video you will see the Kowsva shop and meeting place for folk to enjoy a chat in Cornish.

Then it's time to warm up before we head out in the heart of the fire.

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