Here is a selection of resources for any Cornish language activities and/or Learning you might want to undertake...

For an online translation try:

There is a large community of folk at various levels of learning Cornish on Facebook. Pages includes:

We Love Cornish for Kids and Families:

We Love Kernewek Our Cornish Language:

Kernewek Rag Pubonan - Cornish For Everyone:

There are many resources available on the kowethas website including downloads, books, magazines and leaflets. Click on the link below to have a browse.

This website also has an online shop which stocks all manner of interesting and informative books to learn Cornish.

You can also visit the shop, it's called Kowsva and is at 6, Artists' Muse in Heartlands, Pool

Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10 - 1 or by arrangement. 

We now keep all our stock there such as books for children...


As well as for grown ups...


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