Saturday, 14 April 2018

Morwellham Quay in Kernewek

Our visit to Morwellham Quay was a huge success. The weather was bright and we even felt the sun on our backs as we ambled about the Victorian village. Pam Cox provided us with this great pamphlet showing all the various terms we could expect to use on our day out in Kernewek.

As we were such a large group we not only enjoyed a discount on our tickets but we were also pre-booked onto the tren bal ( mine train) tour.

Our guide through the mine already knew a little Kernewek (Cornish). 

When we passed this we thought it was way too small for us to go through and assumed it was disused but no, this is actually the kwytyans (exit) of the mine!

Rob Lawrance is our photographer throughout the day, with a little help from our mergh (daughter).
One last chance of Skav De (daylight) before we are plunged into the darkness of the bal (mine).
Den Bal (Male Miner)

Some of the sights within the mine itself. Children as young as nine were employed by the bal (mine).

A surprise Pennbloodh Lowen (Happy Birthday) complete with tesen (cake).

Bara (Bread), John's bread roll looked like Salad Fingers once it was baked.
This is Salad Bys (Salad Fingers or to be more precise, Salad Finger as I don't know the kernewek for fingers yet!)
Korev (beer) time.


Some very naughty fleghes (children) in the stocks!

 John was very skilled at this and owr (gold) panning and pretty much everything!

 Some good old fashioned skyppya (skipping) to wear out the mab (son).

I'm beginning to like this idea of making your children earn their keep, he'll be very skwith (tired) after this lovan (rope) making.

 Margh (Horse)

Owr (Gold) well, fool's gold to be exact.

Karrek (rock) smashing, something they were looking forward to all day.

And we finished the day discovering a new name for our son.

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