Saturday, 3 March 2018

Celebrating St.Piran's day at Piranfest in Redruth

Unfortunately due to the unbelievable amount of ergh (snow) our St Piran celebrations in Redruth were cancelled. 

The procession would have ended with a stunning little play about St.Piran meeting Brother Boar, Brother Badger and Brother Fox. Inspired by this we had chosen to make masks and greetings cards of these animals.

Broder Brogh - Brother Badger

Broder Badh - Brother Boar

Broder Lowarn - Brother Fox

 The templates are below:

Visour Brogh - Badger Mask

Visour Badh - Boar Mask

Visour Lowarn - Fox Mask

Just print these onto thin card, colour in and cut out.

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